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New Exhibit Reveals the Science Behind Superheroes

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Starting this month, "Marvel Super Heroes: LIVE THE COMICS. LIVE THE SCIENCE.," lets visitors to California Science Center step into the Marvel comics world to test their own superhero skills, with a little help from science. More than 30 action stations explore the science and power within Marvel's magnificent characters. Visitors can navigate through an alleyway to safety like a Daredevil and see what it's like to have an extra helping hand (or three) like Doctor Octopus. Investigate the brain of the Incredible Hulk to experience the neurology behind blowing his top or step into an Iron Man exo-suit to lift a 4,500-pound SUV and visit the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning to learn about biomaterial and biomedical engineering.

Highlights of the 9,000-square-foot interactive exhibit include a Marvel Comics timeline that covers the history of Marvel comics from the Golden Ages, to Comics in Crisis, to Reinvention. Learn how the story lines of Marvel comics are connected to historical, social, political and cultural events, as well as society's hopes and fears about the future of science. See Marvel art gallery and be photographed as a super hero on the cover of a Marvel comic book. An exclusive video interview of Super Hero creator Stan Lee, who discusses his life and work, and the role of science in his creations, will also be playing. The exhibit runs from March 26 to Sept. 4.

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